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eWeb Health Care

At eWeb Health Care, we understand how rapidly the healthcare environment is changing. In fact, we have helped many healthcare organizations navigate those changes effectively with targeted marketing support and interactive communication products. From B2B, consumer facing, and internal campaigns, to multi-stakeholder collaboratives, we strategize, design, execute, and measure campaigns that:

  • Motivate and inform
  • Train and educate
  • Create alignment
  • Remove barriers to change
  • Standardize processes and reduce variability
  • Identify and accomplish common goals among multiple stakeholders
  • Establish loyalty

Want specifics? No problem. Here are a few of our strengths that enable our clients to empower their organizations, their people, and their customers to understand and navigate change in the healthcare arena.

  • Heath Care Transformation
    • Health information technology
    • Consumer engagement
    • Pay for performance
    • Quality Improvement
    • Public reporting
    • The Affordable Care Act, Meaningful Use, HiTech Act
  • Strategic planning
  • Program design
  • Marketing
  • Interactive communication mediums, such as social media and e-learning
  • Adult learning, technical and medical writing, and instructional design

Ready to learn more? eWeb Health Care is offering a free webinar entitled, "Social Media and Health Care Reform." You can register online here.

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